Fast Forwarding
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The Free Month Month has ended! But you can still PopUp on many of our domains for FREE!

Setting up your instant 10minute forwarding at is simple...

  • Enter your destination url...
  • Choose your domain...

    Click "Cheap Chance" to select a random domain from our "Cheap" selection - These will normally made of simple words you can say.
  • Bargain and Cheap Domains:
    That's it!
    Other Domains
    Standard: These require you log in with Paypal for identification purposes only.
    Premium and Platinum: These will need a small Paypal payment prior to set up.
  • Your forwarding is now set up for 10minutes
  • Want longer? Check your email...

    This will contain a link to enable you to extend the forwarding period.
  • Here are the prices...
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